August 22nd, 2002


My Live Journal Trading Card

Idea stolen from moonrose

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User: 199939
Created: 2001-06-18
Expires: 2003-06-18
Posts: 2003
A short, fat bastard with red hair and glasses. He claims to hate puns, but that might not be true. He enjoys writing fiction, doing 3D renders and rescuing wild animals. Never one to say "no" to a coffee, he will always say "yes" to a beer. Has been known to drive a thousand kilometres for a BBQ and a beer!
Strengths: Creativity, Listener, Cheerful
Weaknesses: Easily embarrassed
Special Skills: Bat handler, PC repairs, frightening small children
Weapons: Swiss army knife, repair kit, bats.
Motto: Nice computers don't go down.

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    Return To The Centre Of The Earth - Rick Wakeman