July 16th, 2002


Examination Results.

Database Management System...............Pass
The Information Superhighway...................Pass
Introduction to Info Technol'y.......................Pass

I passed.
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My writing

I think I do the little scene cuts in my stories to avoid adding the connecting material. It's not that I can't write the scene joins, it's that I feel the extra words in the story wouldn't add to it and I'm lazy.

A kid...

...wasn't doing so hot at school, and was doing really badly at Maths, so the parents enrolled him at a nearby Christian school where the teacher:student ratio was higher. They figured he'd do better with more intesive turtoring.

The first day after school, the kid raced upstairs to his room and did his maths homework. Next day, the same thing. And so it continued for the rest of the year.

Finally he sat for his exams and passed with flying colours, achieving an A+.

The parents were overjoyed. "Was it the better teachers that helped you?" they asked.


"Was it the Christian environment?"

The kid thought for a minute. "No."

The parents were puzzled. "So what inspired you to do your maths?"

"When I walked into school on the first day," said the kid, "And saw that guy nailed to the 'plus' sign, I knew they were pretty fucking serious about maths."