June 26th, 2002


Den is jumping on a bandwagon

According to a Google Search for "Den Is":

  • den is a freeware a-life program

  • Den is made possible by our Hosted Domains and Advertisers

  • Den is 250 acres of pleasure

  • Den is geared towards the serious collector of "comix" and "comics"

  • DEN Is A Hollywood-Style Cautionary Tale

  • Den is a William Girdler.com sister site

  • Den is the right choice

  • Den is but one stop on The Rail.

  • Den is a place for women who love to fish to exchange ideas, suggest places to fish, and to share fishing success stories

um. maybe this wasn't a good idea.
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For some reason I find it increadibly hard to get out of bed before 10am even if I'm in bed before midnight. I should be up at 8am.

I wonder if I'm depressed.