June 15th, 2002


Why are there no songs about the bum of an eagle?

There are plenty of songs about the wings of an eagle, so why are there none about an eagle's bum? I mean, it's the same bird.

Helen rang this morning to say Gil would be there at 11.30, so we could work on the eagle's feathers. Return of The Imping Team! H told me last week about working on the bird's tail feathers. It was another wedge-tail. Gil beat me to H's place so they started without me. Helen had the eagle wrapped in a towel, the tail had been placed between two wet towels, and Gil was pressing a steam iron on to the top towel. The tail wasn't as bad as they thought and it 'just needed straightening.' Apparently you just soften the feathers with steam and they straighten naturally as they dry.


We had to replace one major pinion on the left wing, and 5 on the right. After that marathon effort on the last eagle this one was easy. We knew what we were doing. The only real worry was that this bird was really stressy and almost tore its way out of the box (Dear Hoover, your boxes suck...)

We won, though. The bird is on her way back to Gilgandra for a week of R&R in Gillian's flight aviary, with wings full of araldite and kebab skewers.

While we were relaxing by sipping coffee and and having small kangaroos leap on us, H mentioned she had another bird with wings that need repairing. This one is only a magpie, though. We'll do that one later.
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