June 10th, 2002


Credendo Vides

Today is cold and dreary again, so I headed down to the Villiage Hot Bake for some curry pies. David was there, which surprised me. He'd just flown in on assignment and had not yet converted his pounds to dollars. So the felt that if he told them he was a famous documentary maker they'd give him a sausage roll and cup of tea. It wasn't working. I congratulated him on his work in The Life Of Plants, and mentioned the time lapse photography was amazing. He gave credit to the amazing BBC crews, which is fair enough I suppose. All David did was present the show, really. He looked hungry so I gave him one of my pies, and hassled him a bit more about doing a special on bats; a 'Life Of Bats' sort of thing. He laughed and told me to piss off. He didn't say that until after he'd finished the pie, of course. What a bastard.

He mentioned Trent is still pretty pissed off at me over that Brittany prank I pulled on him. Apparently I owe him a bastard-strength beer or two for that.
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This is interesting

I just realized the difference between scones, dumplings and damper is only in the way you cook them.

Scones: Take scone mix, make scones, bake until they look like scones
Dumplings: Take scone mix, roll into balls approx 2" across, boil in soup until the ball expands and is all puffy and dry inside.
Damper: Take scone mix, scoosh it into a rough loaf-shape, wrap in aluminium foil and bury in burning campfire ash until the inside is sort of bready and the outside is crusty.
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