May 30th, 2002


Heard on Local Radio this afternoon.

DJ: You're listening to 2DU. I've asked people to call in and tell me what they like about winter. Hullo you're on the air.
Caller: Hi! I love winter!
DJ: Why?
Caller: It's sunny! And when the fog has lifted it's warm.
DJ: uh. Warm?
Caller: Yeah! It's beautiful here!
DJ: Um. Right. Um. You're calling about Winter? You are calling about what you like about winter?
Caller: That's right. I can't believe How nice your winters are.
DJ: Where are you from?
Caller: Canada.
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Committee Meeting Minutes

Chair: The Committee Of Den is now in session. Do you have anything to announce, Transport?
Transport: The car is now legal. It required new tyres and a CV joint boot. They were replaced yesterday and registration was completed today. The right-hand cv boot is wearing though, so I'd like to have it replaced in the near future.
Chair: Right. It depends on the finances, of course. How are they, Treasurer?
Treasurer: How are what?
Chair: Our finances.
Treasurer: We're skint, mate.
Chair: What?
Treasurer: We are without two brass razoos to rub together. Not a quid to our name.
Chair: Ah. OK Does Education-
Treasurer: We're flat broke.
Chair: Yes, thank you. Education?
Education: The essay on ethics is due on Monday. I will be putting the case that, while Spam is a huge pain in the arse, there is actually nothing unethical about it.

(Meeting adjourns in disorder with Transport and Treasurer applying violence to Education.)