May 1st, 2002


Notes on assignment marks.

In the Create A Homepage assignement I was marked down a couple of points because the site didn't tell the lecturers anything about me. I have reasons for not putting too much of myself on the Web. My public face is what I want people to know. My close friends know more about me.

I asked at the uni about this, and I was told I was permitted to put false information about myself into the assignment.

But then they still wouldn't know anything about me.


Well that showed me

Never show on a newsgroup the bits of your past that you find painful.

During a discussion on Eating Dog Meat Leads To Cannibalism, I argued that it didn't follow. I shot some farm dogs, so does it mean I will now feel comfortable killing my family?

I wish I'd kept out of the argument. Now a waste of oxygen has labled me an admitted dog murderer. I said things to him I don't regret saying, but they should have been kept off a.l.f.

I think it's time I kept off a.l.f. too, for a while. Not a day goes by without me feeling increasingly alienated there.

I remember that day on the farm so well. Every time I see a working sheepdog I remember it again.
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