March 7th, 2002


I love



This email has just arrived.

I'm writing you from the states because of your interest in bats -- and
because you've written some pretty funny stuff which I've read on the
internet. Why am I interested? I'm currently producing a three-hour
special on "RATS, BATS & BUGS" for the History Channel (the American
television network based in Stamford, Connecticut, near New York City).
Unlike most nature/creature shows, this series will focus on man's cultural
interaction with rats, bats and bugs, from ancient history to modern day --
and will, we hope, allow people to laugh while they learn. Who are you and
what's your relation to bats??? I hope you can find the time to respond.
Many thanks in advance,

Karen Thorsen
The History Channel
250 Harbor Dive
Stamford, CT 06904

Fame at last!

Access and SQL

If I'm running Access97 I can't run anything else becuase the mouse goes crazy and click floods the system. i don't know why.

My SQL coding becomes less coherent the more beer I drink. I don't know why.

Steve Irwin

Please stop comparing me to Steve Irwin. We are nothing like each other.

This is Steve Irwin. He wrestles large reptiles.

Steve Irwin.

and this isn't: