March 1st, 2002


A week without graphics, and lawn dicks

At 7.20pm tonight I will have gone 7 days without posting any graphics to my journal, not counting the Wacky Races test result. I don't think it counts since it was Wacky Races.

Last night the two new lawn dicks matured and opened. I knew that without looking. Every so often a puff of breeze would waft the scent of rancid meat into the room and leave me gagging. I had to check them out. Midnight saw me on my knees with a torch up near the back fence. The opened one from yesterday morning had fallen on its side and gone flat, and the others now looked like a pair of 5-armed pink squid.

This morning they were very dark and didn't smell so bad. I noticed three new lawn dicks pushing up through the grass, and not far away is a bulge in a bare patch of soil that has 4 tiny whiteish-pink ends poking through. It appears I will be kept fascinated by the lawn dicks for a few more days. These new ones are star-shaped in cross section instead of roundish, and they have what looks like a strip of dark green slime running aling the creases from tip to about 1/4 of the way down.

The smell makes me want to get rid of them, but I won't because I think it is so bloody cool having funguses like this in my yard.

I wish I knew what they were.
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