February 28th, 2002


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"For a century and a half now, America and Japan have formed one of the great and enduring alliances of modern times."
-- George W. Bush to Japanese lawmakers
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Bees, Freaky Fungus, and Uni Tutorials

about an hor ago a swarm of bees decended on the compost bin at the back of the yard. At first I thought they were setting up a hive, but judging by the to-and-fro nature of the swarm I can see they're only after something in the bin, possibly the old mangoes I threw in there yesterday. The fruit should be well on the way to fermentation by now, what with the warm, wet days we're having. It's hard to tell from the smell since compost tends to smell composty and swamps every other scent. I'm not game to lift the lid.

The last seven days have been warm and wet. While I was checking out the bees I noticed a rather rank, deadish smell in that end of the garden. It was a little less organic than the bin, and a little more meaty than you would expect. When I looked down I saw this wierd fleshy thing poking up through the grass. Then I saw another. And another. The newest one is about 1/2 inch thick, stands about 3 inches, is the colour of skin and is soft to the touch. It's roundish in cross section. The first thought that sprang to my mind was I have dicks growing in my garden! The oldest one is a good 6 inches high, about 1 inch thick and star-shaped in cross section. The end has opened out so that the whole thing looks like a 5 armed squid. The colour has deepened to a deep red, and it REEKS. If it uses flies to scatter the spores then it's working. They must only last a day or so - there's the remains of one all limp and collaped under the sycamore. I noticed a heap of little pink dick-ends poking through the soil, so I will be fascinated for a few days longer.

I've just finished the uni tutorial for ITC125 Information Superhighway. Read more if you want. You can also laugh and point.
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