February 27th, 2002


Bats - Eddie and Donk

Last night Donk flew several circuits of the room without problems. She is fat and healthy and eager to fly. I no longer had to encourage her to make that first flap.

After feeding her and Eddie, I stepped outside to get a feel of the night. It was cloudless and warm, 25C the thermometer told me, and I listened for the metallic hunting *tings* of the white-striped bats hunting overhead. Those bats know if the weather will be bad. No tings means rain is coming. Last night I could hear a lot of them.

I carried the two tents outside and placed them on top of the flight cage, opened the zips and used clothes pegs to hold the cotton flaps open. As I walked away I could hear the happy crunching of meal worms in both tents.

This morning the tents were empty. Donk and Eddie had decided to go.
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