February 19th, 2002


Uni and stuff

So. Two days of university has passed, and I have 4 assignments and spent $350 on my text books.

At the moment all lectures are done in an AV studio. The lecturers are in Bathurst and we are in Dubbo looking at a big screen. The teachers can see us - it's rather disconcerting seeing the little camera above the screen turning to look at you when you talk.

Assignment 1 in ITC125 Information Superhighway: Create A Home Page. I might be able to do that.

60 years ago today Darwin was almost totally destroyed by Japanese bombers. 250 people were killed in that first raid. The raids continued for almost 12 months.

For the kiddies

Join the dots!

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Bats - Eddie

Eddie has worked out where his food comes from. When I opened the tent I found him sitting on the floor below the zip, looking up at me. Now his growls are mixed in with food-pings.

Grr! Grr! Grrrr!food pingGRR! GRR!food ping GRRR! GRRRR!

Donk flew without hitting anything tonight, but she's still not doing full circuits of the room. She's easier to make fly now. Last week she hung ontp my like velcro. Tonight she was doing little half-flaps.