February 13th, 2002


Ice Sculpting

Skating, skiing, snow-boarding, luge, toboggan, biathlon, cross-country skiing... ice sculpting?

Since when did Ice Sculpting become a sport for inclusion in the Olympics?

Carved ice is what you see at weddings and parties. It's what you see on the news when the Japanese and Russians go birko from long winters and produce motels, palaces and cities from the lumps of ice they dig from their gardens.

But a sport? It's been ages since I've seen a group of people with chainsaws and large blocks of ice racing to carve something. But that was only a bit of fun and we^H^Hthey had been drinking.

Okay. If this is a sport then I expect to see stone sculpting in the summer olympics. Sprints (10kg sandstone in 5 hours) Short course Granite (100kg block in 12 hours) and Long course marble (1 ton block between opening ceremony and start of Marathon.)
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