February 1st, 2002


Business lurch

Just returned from a business lunch with Val the company accountant. We went to Pizza Hut, mainly because I can't stand Macca's non-breakfast menu.*

Much Pizza and Crown Lager make it difficult to work for the rest of the day.

We laughed about Monsters Inc.** and he agreed with my assessment that Randal the multilegged chameleon bastard was a yish. Then he told me about his latest Yish Trick.

When the grandkids are playing upstairs, he can hear them over the intercom; one of those "controlled from one end, open mike at the other" cheap affairs.

When he can hear all the kids near the intercom, he hits the push-to-talk button and makes yish noises. By the time the kids have screamed their way downstairs, Val is sitting on the lounge reading The Financial Times or Business Review Weekly or some other accounty thing.

The kids question him but he points out that he is on the lounge reading, while the intercom is in the kitchen.

I laughed a lot.

Oh, and we did talk about business. A bit.

*Sorry LK
**"I loved seeing the kids scream." Val.