January 28th, 2002


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Over bridge of sighs
To rest my eyes in shades of green
Under dreaming skies
To Itchycoo Park
That's where I'll be

What did you do there?
I got high!
What did you feel there?
Well I cried!
But why the tears there?
I'll tell you why:

It's all too beautiful.

This is where I let Bek go.

In Itchycoo Park.
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Redesigning the Flight Cage

The flight cage right now it a cube of shade-cloth strung inside a metal frame.

It's wearing out, so I'm designing a new flight cages. The new cage will be made up of panels 1m x 2m, which will be built of 25mm square timber with shade-cloth stretched across the hole. The panels can be bolted together. The way I'm planning it, the cage can be extended 1metre at a time by adding 3 panels to the end.

1 panel will have a big zip in it so I can get in and out. and two panels will have a course wire mesh (approx 5mm holes) to let insects in and out, but not bats.

Modular. Yeah. I still haven't decided on a floor.

I chose 2m as a height because that's the longest length I can get into the shed easily. I have to be able to dismantle the cage when it's not in use.

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