January 23rd, 2002


Bats - Coach

I had to let Coach go. She was becoming stressed with her extended captivity and had almost stopped eating. I decided she should go before she became too thin and weak and could no longer take care of herself.

Now Bek is in with Donk, who is not terribly happy about having Her Space taken over by another bat. Donk may not be a very good flyer but she can teach Bek the basics of wing maitenance.

I said I wouldn't do these, but it's comics

You maybe evil, but that doesn't stop you from being so damn likeable, or keep Yamcha Hibiki from writing you into Comicollage. You are very energetic and very creative. You originally did Sporkman, but now you show off your mad skills in Basil Flint.

Which webcartoonist Are You?

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The company next door flies the Australian Flag and the Boxing Kangaroo flag every day. The 'roo is flying at the same height as the Aussie flag, whichs is wrong.

Maybe they think they are showing their patriotism by flying the Boxing Kangaroo, or that they are supporting our sports people, or that they are simply being Aus.

In fact they are flying the flag of the Bond Corporation who owns the trademark on the boxing kangaroo. They are showing their support of a corporation that went arse-up in the early 90s with debts of 1.5 billion dollars, an amount that represented 1/4 of Australia's national debt at the time.

It annoyed me that the boxing kangaroo was being sold at the Olympics. I honestly preferred the unofficial Olympic mascot, Fatso, over those bland corporate figures.