January 22nd, 2002


Heard on JJJ

"The amazing thing is not that [Prince] Harry started drinking, but, given his father is Charles, that he ever stopped."
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Scam update.

The company accountant saw the Spain scam email, and added this onto the end on an email to me.

++snipt - business stuff++
ps when are we going to spain??

this is a cute variation of the nigerian oil company scam, i wonder when the punch comes for the contribution for spanish taxes to release the 10 million from the deposit box?? which of course as the esteemed manager of the fund you would have to find prior to travelling to spain, mmmmmmhh!"

There's the scam! You agree to be the fund manager. Then you get an email saying that the Spanish taxes must be paid up-front, before you arrive. The taxes will, of course, never reach the government and you will, naturally, never see your money again.


The accountant is pretty cool. He scares the crap out of his grandkids with stories of The Yish In The Office. Quite often, while I'm on the phone to him, I'll hear him shout "Don't open that cupboard! There's a YISH in there!"