January 20th, 2002


Pissed off with Elfwood.

Two of my stories must be removed because they contain "Graphic obscenities."

This is ME they are talking about!

And these are the stories.

Stone Width Inn and The Smith

Ok. Tell me where the graphic obscenity is in there? The only, only thing I can see is that somone might object to something that is in common use in Australia every day, used by everyone and broadcast on TV in advertisments. If I have to change my style so that I can't write as an Aussie then I will delet my entire story gallery.
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Switching to Trillian

Can everyone on my ICQ contact list release send an autorization request to me so I can rebuild my list in Trillian. I'm dumping the ICQ client (99b) because it's unreliable and seems to have "become" buggy, and I don't want to update to the new spamware versions.

my uin is 340356.

It's a very low number, isn't it? 8)

Elfwood update.

I've just recieved an email from one of the the Library Administrators. She says:

"Don't you dare move the works. I have a letter in to Thomas right now as to what is going on on the site. He seems to have done this without any word to me at all. He told me in the begining that any work I felt needed the words I was to let them stay. Now some babies on the ERB at telling the authors to take it off. Ignore it until you see a letter signed by me."

Looks like there are some adults in Elwood, after all.
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What small bats must learn

The world is bigger then a bat tent.
Food flies. It does not come on a red plastic spoon.
Food contains crunchy bits. It does not come pre-squeezed.
Other bats fly. They do not drive white Toyota Camrys.
Not even if the car is a V6.
Or a 5 speed manual.
Other bats are not short, fat humans.
Other bats do not wear white business shirts.
Or black t-shirts with bats printed on them.