January 16th, 2002


Bush Fires

Today the NSW Bush Fire Brigade declared the bushfire emrgency to be OVER. The state of emergency has been in place for 24 days. All but 30 fires are out, and those still burning are under control.

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more education

I've applied for entry to Charles Sturt University to do the Bachelor of Information Technology.

I'm sick of this shitty not getting a job and living on social security crap. I'm too old (40 is too old) or I don't have enough education (Associate Diploma in Microcomputer Systems ain't good enough), so I'm going to get more education. It would be nice to get less age but I already look 25ish. All I can do about that is grow old disgracefully.

The Government has a nice education subsidy going. It used to be $75/week but now I'm eligible for up to $180/week and you can earn up to $125/week for part-time employment before they start deducting $$ from you.

It never made sense to me that the education subsidy was less than social security. There was no incentive for bogans to Get Educated. Looks like they've fixed that, although with this fucking conservative government it's likely to end because it doesn't show a profit.

The lady at social security asked if I had any liquid assets. I said, "What? After 14 months on the dole?" She laughed and apologized. I had to move back in with Mum and Dad to make ends meet. 40 and living with parents. How sad is that?

So in 4 years my business card will show:

Den Whitton BIT Ass.Dip.MicroSys.

4 years with kiddies. Sheesh
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Bek ate her first whole meal worm tonight. It was a small worm, but a big mouthful for a little bat
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