January 15th, 2002


Bats - 50% success (NOT Bek-related)

Bek and Coach are fine. Don't panic

Looks like it's time for the learner-flyer broadnosed bats to take to the air. I had two calls this morning; both for juvenile broadnoses.

The first was holding her left wing at an odd angle. It took me an instant of examination over the flashlight to know she'd never fly. Just above her elbow was a massive blood clot and I could see the ends of the upper-arm bone. I had to euthanase her.

The second broadnose has been with the lady since last night. Apparently she heard a soft 'donk' on the window. When she investigated she found a groggy bat sitting on the sill, so she caught it before the cats could, put it in a pillow case and hung it in the bathroom.* There appears to be nothing wrong with Donk** but I will be keeping her for a few days to see if complecations set in.

*This is the proper thing to do. The bathroom is cool and generally dark, and not often visited. Bats don't need to be kept warm.
** Any other name will be considered.
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