January 11th, 2002


C is for Coach, and I've lost my flight wings.

Yesterday I was called to a clothing shop to rescue the people there from a vespedelia vulturns - little forest bat.

At first I was hoping it was Ace, but unlike the Discworld million-to-one chances don't happen 9 times out of 10. They are million-to one, and this one wasn't the one.

It was a female, however, which is good because they're a little more tolerant of other bats than the males are.

Technically, I should release her tonight since there's nothing wrong with her at all. But Bek needs a coach to teach her what those flappy things on her arms are for, and how to use them to catch food.

Coach came along just in time; I didn't feel like wearing a cape and leaping from the roof. I'll put her in the flight cage as soon as I mend the hole Ace escaped through.

I have been demoted to food server again. I don't mind.

Bush Fires

Animal rescuers doing initial searches of the few fire zones that have been made safe have seen practically no animals who survived the fires. Up to half the east coast koala population have been killed and they will take years to recover, if they ever do. Rescuers are finding signs that no possums, kangaroos, wombats, or reptiles have survived. Many birds have also vanished.

Animals that were rescued were found very early on when they ran from the front and onto roads.

200 homes and 750,000 acres burned.

*Most* of the fires are contained.

Things would have been much worse if not for the three Ericson Sky-cranes from the Tennesee National Guard, which have been working almost around the clock dropping tank loads of water. Elvis, The Increadible Hulk and The Georgia Peach have been welcome sights as they swoop through the smoke..