January 7th, 2002


Another ordinary day in the ordinary life of Ordinary Den

a series of thunderstorms came through last night and dropped the temperature, but ripped the humidity from 10% up to 70%. Asthma sucks.

Yesterday I evicted Ace and Bek from the tent and put them in a release box in the Flight Cage. Bek was hugely stressed with the new surroundings. She'd been born in the tent and knew nothing else. She hung on to the wood of the box and made a plaintive Pee Pee noise ("Muuuum! It's HAAAARD! I wanna go home!"). I cut a square from the hanging cloth in the tent and placed it on the shelf in the box. When I checked an hour later, Ace and Bek were both sitting on the cloth.

Last night at dusk I took a load of worms out and saw Ace doing figure-8's in the cage, zooming and swooping all over the place. I opened the box and saw Bek sitting alone on her blue blanky. She growled at me.

This morning I checked to see if Ace found the worms in the dish. She had. She and Bek were both hanging on the wood, but Bek had wedged herself in the corner and was sleping with her nose almost touching the blue blanky.

Apart from that I'm boring. I'm only reading Harry Potter4 until 2 am and feeling washed out the next day due to late nights and humidity. You know what? Snape is not misunderstood. He's an arsehole.
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Ace escaped!

Luckily Bek has teeth, so I squeezed worm guts and fed them to her. She refused to open her mouth, but once I force a lttle food in with a toothpick she lapped it up pretty fast.

She is really stressed and crawling everywhere. I can't leave her in the flight cage because I fear she'll crawl out of the box and fall. She is back in the tent and seems to be happier, but she's still looking for mum.

Guess who has been promoted from Food Providor to Flight Training and Foraging.
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