December 28th, 2001


The Lord Of The Rings

I didn't know Middle Earth had so many Macrocarpa trees!

It was funny watching the movie and recognising places I'd been, especially when they were rowing down the great river. The bit where the river turns against a vertical cliff is actually on the Grey River, with the road digitally removed.

Oh the cliff is really there. The road runs along a notch carved into the face of it.

On the way out of the cinema, a lady behind me said loudly "That was a CRAP ending!" a few seconds later she said "There's a book?"

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Just watched The Emporer's New Groove.

It was wacky. It was zany. It was kooky.

It sucked.

Most of it made me feel the writers had watched too many Road Runner cartoons (the early ones, written by Mike Maltese and directed by Chuck Jones).

And, as with all other DizCo animated movies, I get the feeling there will be an Emporer's Newer Groove some time soon, just to wring the $$ out of a dead horse. SOB.
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Why do animated movies have singing in them?

Why? It really gives me the shits to see animated characters singing. It breaks up the movie. It halts the story. It's a fucking interruption.

In the Toy Stories they had songs, but they added to the images. And the characters didn't stop to sing. The same with Antz, Chicken Run and Shrek (except for the end bit) : The songs were in the background, adding to the movie. Even Road To Eldorado was mostly free of character songs.

But DizCo seems to insist that their animated movies stop so the characters can sing a naff Elton John song.

Look, just

stop it