December 14th, 2001



I spoke to She Who Knows, who told me that it won't hurt to keep Ace and Pup in care until the pup is flying. Since they'll be with my until January I decided to name the pup Bek for identification purposes (another B, but Boop was with me for just one night so she doesn't really count.)

Pups are generally with the mums for just 2 months so it won't be too hard. I'll shift them into a rescue box in the aviary when Bek is a little older, probably at New Years. The good thing about the small size of Little Forest Bats is that they can fly from one side of the tent to the other, exercising their wings in the process, so close confinment won't be a problem.

I estimate the pup weighed 1.5 grams at birth. According to Sue Churchill's 'Australian Bats' the pups are 30% the weight of the mum when they are born.

Still can't tell the sex of Bek. No surprise there, really.
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