December 13th, 2001



I've spent the morning sending by courrier cartons with "Contents: Tank Parts" and "Contents: Tank Fittings" marked on them, and phoning and sending faxes with the word TANKS all over the place.

Maybe I should have prefaced it all with the word "Water."

I hope ASIO haven't noticed.

Excuse me, someone's at the door.

Good grief.

The bank just rang, and when I picked up the phone I was on hold, and the robot was asking that I hold the line.

So I didn't.

And they rang back. I hung up on the robot again.

I wonder how many calls they will make before a person rings me.

I wonder what will happen if I play hold music back at the robot. I wonder how This Is Serious Mum will affect it.
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Boop has gone. There was nothing wrong with her so last night I left the door of the tent open after feeding her, and this morning she wash gone.

Ace and Pup are doing well. Ace is scarfing down piles of worms. This afternoon I took a peek into the tent and saw, in amongst the folds of hanging cloth, Ace with a tiny shadow crawling around her head.

The problem is the release. I have to let her go in a way that keeps her happy and with the pup. I think I'll cut a lump of tent-cloth out - the bit where she had the pup - and fasten it into a release box. Hopefully it will keep her happy enough.

I'll have to ring She Who Knows, in Sydney.