November 22nd, 2001


Bat Matters

I didn't rescue the new bat, but I have her in care to see if there are any problems that show up later. No one knows how she ended up on the floor of the Police compund in Wellington (NSW, not NZ). It could be the result of an animal attack or just the cold.

M.E., a fellow rescuer, was in Wellington doing her shopping when the highway patrol pulled her over and asked if she was the lady from WIRES. They told her they had a wild animal in the garage they couldn't handle, and escorted her to the station. M.E. happened to have a pile of pillow cases in the boot of the car so she grabbed one and followed the constable inside.

She told me there were six officers standing in a circle, shuffling nervously and making "ooh be careful" noises. As she entered the garage, the animal spread its wings and squeaked. The officers all took a step back, the Senior Sergeant didn't help by warning everyone by shouting "Jeez! LOOK OUT!"

M.E. put her hand in the pillow case as though it was a glove, bent down and picked up the bat and turned the case inside out, then tied the top shut. All the while the police officers were saying helpful things like "Careful!" and "Watch it!" M.E. told me she thought they were about to use handcuffs and capsicum spray.

When the danger was over the police went back to their duties and M.E. took the bat home to Guerie, where I met her with a bat tent.

I'm back at the start of the alphabet so the new bat is Ace. She is a little forest bat and weighs 4 grams. She ate 8 medium-sized meal worms last night. I expected the usual fight to get her started on feeding, but Ace smelled the first worm and went the fang immediately. She even ate the tough bum-end all the other bats spit out.

There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with her. Maybe a week of R&R and she can go back to her life of crime.

I really wish I'd seen her hassling 6 police officers.
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Job Hunting

Just received a phone call from the University Of Sydney to say they want to intervirew me next Tuesday.

Well. That's better than a letter saying "Thanks, but..."
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