November 15th, 2001


Woke up this morning

...Had an attack of singing depressing songs called The Blues.

Actually, I woke with a headache. This is not a good sign. Headaches I wake with last all day, no matter how many chemicals I shove into my system. Four aspirin between 8am and 10am brought it down to a bearable level but it's still there. I have to wait for the aspirin to work its way out before I take the panadol here at the office.

Side Bar Aspirin and Panadol are have the same effect but chemically different and work against each other, as well as doing Other Bad Things.

And Now, This:

Received a letter from Sydney Uni today about the position I applied for (Computer Systems Operator, Dubbo Medical Training Campus.) They will be making a decision "some time during the next month." As Associate Dean Rick said, the uni works at University Speed, which is glacial.

And Now, This:

temp 19C
Humid 60%
Wind 20kph(max)
W/Dir North
Press 1021mm
Rain drizzle
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    Dr Karl on JJJ talking about recycling old mobile phones


Since it's raining I thought I'd grab a hot lunch, but I'm not up to eating a curried meat pie today, so I went for my stand-by: hot chips with chicken salt and pepper.

It took me ages to get to the shop just up the raod. The police had blocked the road and was making traffic go around the long way. A house had lost control on the round-about and hit a car. There were garden gnomes everywhere.
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Logical explanations.

...the house was on the back of a low-loader, and was being moved from here to there. The garden gnomes were stacked on the verandah. When he truck hit the hump in the middle of the roundabout the house fell off, and the garden gnomes were scattered everywhere.

I suppose I should have mentioned that before.
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