November 12th, 2001


Don'tcha hate this?

Don't you hate standing in an aviary with four small bats running all over you, and just as the phone rings one of the bats climbs inside your shirt sleeve and roosts in your armpit?

I hate that.
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BBC election analysis

I'm still angry. I can't believe the bogans around me voted in the conservatives again. AGAIN. Now Telstra will go from a public company to a private corporation, Medicare will be dismantled, private scools will get more funding and public(state) schools will get less, The ABC will be strangled by funding cuts unless they toe the lackey line, and the wealthy will own more.

Many years ago Midnight Oil sang: "The rich get richer/ The poor get the picture." Now the poor will get it in the neck.

The following was lifted from the BBC world news site.

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