November 7th, 2001


Bat Matters - And then there were 4

I placed the 6 Freetails into their rescue box in the aviary a few nights ago, and they were much happier. Still no sign of them flying, but the chances are they didn't like being watched. Four of them were eating well, one not so well, and one had to be forced.

Last night a cold front and thunder storns came through. I considered bringinh the bats in, but they have to get used to weather, especially if they're going to be in it.

This morning I checked on them, and there were only 4 in the box. I didn't need more than a quick search of the floor to find two tiny bodies. They were the pair that didn't eat so well.

I don't know if the thunder drove them out, or if they were out and couldn't find the box.

I feel like shit.
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Melbourne Cup

What really gave me the shits about everything stopping to watch a bunch of dog food run in circles was having to avert a minor disaster and not being able to get anyone, then finding out that the person who should have been doing the work was at a Melbourne Cup luncheon with a special speaker called President G. Bush Snr.

I need to Augh.


I'm still agro about that.
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This Is Serious Mum

Dear Moby,

Having read you liner notes, I now violently oppose pain, death, famine, disease, slaughter, war, youth suicide, pollution, hitting your finger with the hammer, parking in disabled car parks, the industrial military complex, the death of innocent third world people, especially the children, by the way, I'd like to thank Mohammed and the Dalai Lama, safari suits and stating the fucking obvious.

X-Treme Sports Can Kiss My Arse
The X-Treme Sport you haven't tried yet

Base jumping's for pussies
Kick boxing's for thugs
Jet skiers are morons,
Weight lifters need drugs
Abseiling is pointless
Why climb up a wall?
Only right wankers
Play beach volleyball.

The X-Treme Sport you haven't tried yet
Is kissing my arse.
Kiss my arse.

Met a snowboarder
Who wasn't a turd?
Nah, neither have I
The idea's absurd
You get on a plank
You slide down some slush
Fall on your arse
Say "Man, what a rush!"

I turned on the telly
I just went, like, "Whoa!"
And used the remote
To flick through the shows!
I think I'll watch footy
I know it's not x-treme
Why take it to the max
When you can take it to the mean?

The X-Treme Sport you haven't tried yet
Is kissing my arse.
Kiss my arse.

Why don't you kiss my arse.
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