October 26th, 2001



I have just now received the letter from the Abattoir telling me that I didn't get the job I went for 3 months ago.

Luckily I found this out by phoning the company the week after I appiled.

Which was nice.
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Today's Rescue

I received a phone call just as I was knocking off from work. A lady had a blue tonged lizard in her back yard. The lizard was a good 18 inches long. They love snails and slugs, but they go absolutely crazy over ripe strawberries. The tongue is poked out as a threat display, and is, as you can see, blue. Hence the name. They are very quiet and easy to handle, but if you're careless the bite hurts.

A lot.

It was a rescue/relocate, so I relocated her to my back yard to get rid of the snails. I hope the neighbours don't complain about their strawberries.

And now, This: