October 11th, 2001


Cold, Wet, Blustery

That's the weather right now, not a Den Report.

Today is grey and wet. Even the blackbirds and magpies are huddled together under the car port. They are on different beams, of course, since the two species don't get on.

The rain falls vertically for a moment then switches to horizontal briefly. It swirls around corners, drips under eaves, and blows across verandahs. There is no shelter outside. A good day to Be In.

Interesting Blackbird Fact: Even though these birds are feral imports from the UK (and deserve to die IMO) they are now considered a seperate sub-species. Their calls are different from the blackbirds in their homeland, and therefore they cannot mate. "You wot? Cor you don't 'alf tork funny."
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    Dr Karl Who Knows Everything, answering questions on JJJ

hot pies

Boy those pies were hot! I was sweating, and crying and stinging and enjoying every mouthful.

Curry Tip: don't rub your eyes if you have a trace of curry on your hands. It adds to the stingy goodness.

I feel much better now but I'll be paying for it later. My bum hole will feel like the map on Bonanza.