October 8th, 2001


And so it begins

Iraq called it a treacherous attack. A military action by military units against (mostly) military targets, after being warned 3 weeks ago that it would happen.

So what did they call the Sept 11 attack?


Bin Laden says the ~war~ against the US will continue until Palestine is free of Israel.

Israel accuses the US of siding with the Palestinians.

go fig.


A man rang JJJ to say that, on hearing the US were using B1s and B2s, his 5 year old son was concerned that the Bananas In Pyjamas would be hurt.
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I've just received word that friends of mine, who are teachers at a missionary school in central Java, have had to evacuate from Indonesia because the school and teachers are "American Targets," despite the fact that only 2 families there are American.

There have been several bomb threats at the school already. How do you tell a 5 year old about that?

Sensless, pointless, stupid.

Fucking hate crimes.