September 27th, 2001


Big Jobs

I seem to have fallen into a job with a large retail store installing PCs into people's homes, and providing a bit of training and a few clues for the new owners. At the moment I'm "On Call" on a casual basis but it could blow out to a full time job.

The store is Hardly Normal. I didn't want to work in retail again, but at least I'm not lying- I mean SELLING- yeah, selling systems.

IBM celeron850 w/-20GB hdd and 256MB RAM, 4MB AGP card, 15" monitor, 56k modem (like they'll get THAT speed out here. right.) lexmark usb printer, canon parallel port scanner, +SOFTWARE!!! AU$1999 (ie US$50 at the current exchange rate.)

And winME. eurgh.


My new drugs are working, especially the one for my cough. I haven't coughed so much for years.
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