September 26th, 2001


Another bandwagon to jump on.

Goth 20%
Trendy 15%
Alternative 60%

Conclusion: You don't readily fit into the other two groups, but you're reasonably alternative... but not quite pretentious enough to actively try and be weird.


I took the test last night and my alternative score was 69%

Which is nice.

crap lungs

I have crap lungs. I can usually control the asthma with ventolin, but this year I caught a cold and the germies said "Oh look! Crap lungs! Let's give this bastard a cough for 3 months!"

The doc gave me some new drugs. As well as the ventolin I now have a powder called Pulmicort (400 micrograms per shot), a cortico steriod I think, and a new one called Tilade.

Tilade feels odd as it goes down - sort of cold and fumie. At least it doesn't make my heart explode like Ventolin does.

which is nice.
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