August 24th, 2001


Work in progress

Now that I have the Spy Flowers out of my system, I can concentrate on this.

Still to do:

Fix floor

add tables

add bar.

The arches on the right are blocked in with wooden walls to form another roomfor cellars, kitches, and accommodation on a mezzenine. In case you're wondering about the windows, the building itself is an abandoned romenesque church.

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What is a 'puggle?'

What annoys me a lot is that people here in Aus insist on calling echidnas 'porcupines.' It really bugs me.

baby echidnas are called 'puggles.' Not many people know this.

This is a puggle:

His name is Fluffy, and he was raised by some friends of mine who also rescue animals.

Fluffy, fully grown.