August 23rd, 2001


Bat matters

Ysabeau is self-feeding now, scarfing down a dozen meal worms every night. She is quite independant, but she doesn't mind being handled. I visited the cafe today and told the people there how their bat was going. They were very happy to hear she was doing so well.

Xena is... Xena. She still hates being handled, still growls, still tries to bite. I discovered she likes being rubbed under the chin. She closes her mouth and eyes and sits silently while I moved my finger back and forth. It's the only time she stops being pissed off.

Three times a week I take Xena and Ysabeau into the spare room and let them fly. Xena launches immediatly, while Ysabeau warms up.I've noticed Ysabeau is noticably larger than Xena so she's probably a few years older. Xena may only be a year old.

The Mogriguy 6 are still hibernating, but one warm night I almost ended up with 3. There is nothing like the sound of zooming wings to drag a bloke out of a deep sleep. Three of them, the male and 2 females, found their way out of the release box. I caught one immediately, and found the male and the other in a pile of paper when the male squeaked at me. They are all in the spare tent now. I've been trying to feed them but it's tedious. I have to poke the worm guts into their mouths and wait until they swallow.

NEW BAT! At lunchtime I picked up a young little forest bat. He weighs 3 grams and his wing span is a bit less than the length of my hand. I'm calling him Zak, after the slang name for the old sixpence we used to have. He's about the same size.

At first I thought there was something wrong with him, but he warmed up and went for a flight around the room. There's nothing wrong with him a belly full of grubs won't fix.
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