July 29th, 2001


Of course, there is THIS

Not a lot to report for the last few days. Fiddled with some renders, wrote a short story for Bax, did a bit of gardening.

So have some music: Wuthering Heights, by Mr Floppy This is their cover of Kate Bush's song, ripped from their album The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Dickhead (Zombie Penis Death lable.)

The mp3 is 3mb, so it might take a while.
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Bird count in my yard

These birds are in my yard now, hopping in the garden.

Black faced cuckoo-shrike

Pied Butcher Bird

Willie Wagtail. When they get angry they flare their eyebrows. Beware the Flared Eyebrows!

corvus coronides. One has been nicknamed T-Bone becuase he nicks Scruffy's bones. The dog goes berserk when this happens.

Blue Wren

Eastern Rosella

a small family of peewees/mudlarks I dont have photos for

And of course various rats with wings (sparrows, blackbirds etc.)
All images stolen from various sites.

Maybe I should get a webcam. Den's Backyard Cam.

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