July 17th, 2001


Business Porn

I emailed a bunch of files off to a prospective customer today. No, not SPAM. He requested them. The files were descriptions of some vehicle wash equipment and a photo.

Imagine my surprise when I recieved this email from a robot at his company:

"The BigConstructionCompany Standard Operating Environment (SOE) has determined your message contained information which may be of an offensive matter. the following files were deleted:


So! Their filth filter deletes graphic formats! I suppose the robot looked at the HUGE pump and the big pair of pipes and blew a fuse.

I imported the pic and one other into a word document, and emailed that off. I still haven't heard back. Maybe the doc got through. Maybe the robot has the photo of a wet truck pinned up somewhere.


Still no word back from the abottoir.
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New Take-away

A new take-away has opened up in the next street. It's called "Get Stuffed."

I like that name a lot.

And now, this:

I'll be carving lumps from it soon to 'ruin' it.