July 15th, 2001


nothing to add today

So have a furry story instead.

Shady Tales - Plane Spotting

Images loaded from the camera into my laptop with, I imagined, a sucking
noise. Running through my mind were the captions for each photo I would put
in the document, each caption describing the image, how it related to the
report, and hopefully worded in such a way as to be interesting or mildly
amusing. I ignored the conversations going on around me as the image
processing software optimized the pics and imported them.

A ball of paper landed on the keyboard, startling me. The three other
occupants of the room were staring. I'd missed something. "What?"

"I said," said the bandicoot patiently, "What's your name?"

"Greyshades," I said. They looked at me. "Shady," I added and received nods
of approval.

"Shady by name," said the rabbit as she turned to the devil and snatched
the cigarette from his mouth and took a long draw before slumping back to
stare at the ceiling.
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