July 14th, 2001


bat matters

Picked up another bat today, another lesser long-eared bat. That makes 8 for the winter.

She weighs 4 grams; 2 grams less than Xena. She had found a safe place near the ground in a corner of an outdoor cafe. When I picked her up she bared her teeth and spread her wings - a threat display put on by dozey bats who are too out of it to actually escape. (waves to Weyrbird) I wasn't terribly treatened, but the cafe's customers were. They ran onto the footpath to escape the bat. A bit pointless really since it was a sidewalk cafe, and all they did was put a piece of wooden lattice between them and the beast.

Right now she is hanging in a tent. I'll try to feed her soon. I'm trying to think of a name starting with Y.

Xena has decided I am not her enemy. She clibms into my hand as she looks for food, and she doesn't bite. Every second night I let her fly in the spare room.

The Six have been returned to thier box. They are happy again, but I will be happier if I can get them to eat anything. I've had them for 6 weeks now and they haven't eaten a THING. They're still fat. it must be a hibernation thing.

And now, this:

I've started fidding with POVRay again, but I'm buggered if I can work out the media feature. I want to add dust shafts it this:

any hints welcome

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