July 6th, 2001


new web page

The first page of www.battyden.net is up. No links work except for the one to the pictures of me, and the links to the bat rescue diaries and my old homepage.

The boring set-up is very me at the moment.

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web page

The index for all Mavrik's stories is up, but only the first story is done.

I've tried to format the page as you would see in a book, with indented paragraphs and white space only between sections. I'v also put the text in a table so it covers 75% of the page. it looks better.

as usual I am hit by the "web page design doubts."
Does it look ok?
Will non-graphic readers show it?
Will people think my design is crap?
Will people laugh at my page code?

I wish I could do nice designs like Pan.

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