July 4th, 2001


30 years ago...

Jim Morrison died 30 years ago.

I really like the music of The Doors. It's great stuff! I like the lyrics and the poetry.

But I don't understand the deification that is being done to Morrison's memory. He wasn't the master poet snatched away from us. If there was ever the title "Master Poet Snatched Away From Us" then it belongs to John Lenon.

But even Lenon doesn't have the same level ot worship that Morrison seems to earn.

I had to agree with Ron 'Hitler' Barassi of This Is Serious Mum when he sang "Grandfather to a generation of Depression Worhipers" in 'Morrison Hostel.'

And I laughed when I read the last paragraph on the BBC Online's article about Morrison. "And in Paris, beneath the graffiti-strewn slab, the candles and the fading blooms, lies not the decaying body of an alcohol-raddled narcissist, but an ideal of perfection - as ancient as human life itself."

Perfection for depression worshippers.

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I don't really look like my photo. That is actually a Wahlbergs Epulated Fruitbat, photographed by Dr Merlin Tuttle.

I look like this

Except when I'm on a building site when I wear Personal Protection Equipment.

Actually, I look like this

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