July 1st, 2001


bats and stuff

I changed the ending of the last Mavrik story. It reads much better and ends the cycle on a bit of action, instead of the whimper of the earlier versions. Now I have to get all the stories into some sort of publishable form, possibly by putting them on a piece of wood and banging a few nails through them.

I hope mum dosen't do a surprise visit and try to hang things in the wardrobe. The bats I evicted from the release box are hanging in there. They're in a pillow case tied to a coat hanger. The box is airing in the shed to make the paint smell fade a bit. Hopefully I can finally release them. Xena is nice and fat, and I think she will be stressed when I throw her out of the tent and into the flight aviary. I've ordered her release box.

Spent the arvo at McMinnies Bar in The Pastoral. The new owner is doing the right thing with the pipes. I was worried the Kilkenny would be undrinkable after the last bloke moved out. Which is nice.

I feel like I'm wasting my life. I hope it's just the beer talking.
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Bat Matters

The Six

The little colony have been evicted from the recue box so I could paint the outside. The box is airing off in the sun to get rid of the paint smell. Meanwhile the bats are in a rescue bag which is inside a thicker pillowcase, and hanging in the wardrobe. In case you're wondering, the wardrobe is dark, cool and quiet.

I hope mum doesn't do a surprise visit and try to hang things up.


Xena has either forgiven me for the bath, or she has decided I've been punished enough. Feeding time is a simple affair now: I just put her food in the dish and she eats it when she's ready. Every few days I lock us in the spare room and wake Xena for some flight time. She's getting about 2 hours a week which should be enough to keep her muscles exercised. Rousing her takes about 15 minutes and there is much growling and baring of teeth, but that's just a natural threat display done by bats who are still too groggy to defend themselves.

Nights here are around the 0-5C mark. It is too cold to release Xena so she will probably be kept for the duration in the flight aiviary, where she is garenteed food and shelter. The Mogriguy 6 have settled down for some serious torpor so it won't matter if I put them out. They have settled into the box so well.
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I don't remember writing the journal last night. I must hve been Emotional. Maybe I should delete it or something... NAH
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