June 26th, 2001


bland food, random thoughts

oooh that was a mistake. I had some leftover cheese & pepperoni^3 pizza for breaky. I shouldn't have.

Lunch is a slice of plain white bread with a thin scrape of marg and a thin slice of home-cooked corned beef.

No salt.

No pepper.

Not even any mustard.

I could prolly handle bangers and mash for dinner, but that's still some hours away and I don't have to think about it.

A Telstra rep called in trying to get me to change from Dingoblue as my phone carrier. When he realised he couldn't get me to abandon my current ISP he left. I told him to call back when Telstra get their arse into gear and get ADSL out here. It should be arriving Real Soon Now.

The council sent a 'dog complaint' letter to the office. The company doesn't have a dog, and my dogs don't come to work. I wonder if the neighbour has climbed the fence and started howling in the back yard again.