June 25th, 2001



Today fo far

Get up at 7.30am, have a coffee and weetbix for breaky.
Look out window and wonder why outside looks fuzzy
Put on glasses and look out window
realize it's foggy.
Get to work. Explain on phone that wash system won't wash if you drive through at 60kph.
Explain to another customer the concept of driving slow
Do remittances
Look out window
Ponder the short stories I can't finish. I can see how they will go but I can't work up the energy to write.
Explain over the phone that 2000 litres/minute spraying on the truck *will* reduce visibility, and explain the concept of driving through in a straight line.
Lunch. Toasted pork cheese & tomato, with a tomato juice to drink and tomato flavoured crisps for later. Have I mentioned I like tomato?
Hint Of The Day: Don't answer the phone with "City Morgue. You kill 'em We chill 'em." when you are expecting a call from the Australian Defence Forces army camp in Bandianna.


My packet of crisps has a picture card of a pkemon in it. The card occupied space that could have held more chips. I am upset.
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I was wrong, I admit it

My brother who works for Smiths Crisps tells me it is a DIGIMON. I was totally wrong and I apologise. How I ever confused a digimon with a pokemon I will never know. My bad.
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Pizza to cheer up by

Mmmmm! Pizza

Cheese and pepperoni with extra pepperoni and extra extra pepperoni. The bloke at Dominos laughed until I convinced him I was serious.

Once, if anyone had said you *can* have too much pepperoni I would have argued. But now I'm sucking on a mylanta tab and hoping my stomach doesn't do an Alien, and my bum feels like the map on Bonanza.

I don't think I'll do that again for at least a few weeks.
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