Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Bat Matters - Zak update

It took me nearly an hour, but I finally got Zak to eat last night.
Eventually I shoved the first meal worm in his mouth and he spat it out.
After that he turned his head away from the food ("NO! Yucky!") It took a
lot of paitence to get it in again, and he bit on it, possibly thinking it
was me.

It took a long time to eat the first worm. The next two were a lot easier,
in fact he sniffed the third worm and bit it almost immediately.

He saw the 4th worm coming and bit at it. Unfortunately his aim was off and
he ended up with a mouthfull of pillow case, which he then refused to
release in case it was food. It took much waving or worms under his nose to
make him let go, then after that I just had to keep the worms coming. He
ate 7 small ones.

I can't see him being in care for more than a week.

All we need is some warmer weather.

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