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Casual Consultant

I spoke to an outsourcing company in Sydney this morning. It looks like I'll be their contractor for desk-top PC repairs, networks and such. Their major client is IBM. The position is a casual consultancy based in Dubbo so it'll fit in with the Uni studies. She interviewed me over the phone and asked about various aspects in my resume. She asked about a previous job at a shop where I was a cheif techo, and wondered why I hadn't used him as a reference.

I said "Um." and "Ah." Then I said "He's in Bathurst Gaol for fraud."

I haven't really spoken to anyone about my time there. Let's put it this way: I have a lot of experience in how NOT to run a shop, how NOT to do customer service, and how to spot really dodgy PCs and still get them going.

She's sending me the contract to sign. There won't be a lot of work to start with, but there will be some. Which is nice.

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