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The Yish

Since I'm in a "I'm Not Doing Anything Interesting This Week" week, here is a poem about The Yish by the talented weyrdbird she wrote for my birthday.

Beware Of The Yish

When you visit someone don't mess with the space
Or leave your toys lying all over the place
Don't go into places where you shouldn't be
A big scary monster lurks in there y'see.

He hide inside drawers , and doors you might sneak in
Leaves cold icky slime wherever he's been
On your head and your hand it'll plop and "oh, ish!"
So mind Uncle Den or you might meet The Yish.

If you hear his voice, kiddo, you'd better run
Explosives won't hurt him, neither will a gun
You can tell that he's near if you smell rotten fish
Or anything else that would make you say "Yish!"

The Yish has giant fangs and wide rolling eyes
And likes to grab bad little kids by surprise!
He has 12 billion tenticle things that go squish
f it feels cold and nasty you can bet it's The Yish!

So when you are visiting Rellies, behave
I know that it's hard - by try to be brave
'Cause They Yish devours children he catches y'see
Leaves a big smelly spot where the kid used to be!
For a nastier end a small child wouldn't wish.
So be a good kid and you won't meet The Yish.

You don't know about The Yish? He's been living in my cupboards for 12 months!

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