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The phone rang. I was deep into the OOM textbook and the interruption was unwelcome. I stood, turned, and trod on Scruffy. He yelped loudly, as you would expect, and I stumbled, tripped over a rolled mat, trod on Scruffy again who yelped again, and I went down like a bag of shit.

On the way down I bashed my left shoulder against a coner of the wall, bounced my ribs off the sofa arm rest, and fell to the floor with my right arm out. That was a mistake. It all was, really, but the straight arm was worse. I hit the floor with all my weight on my palm and the only reason I didn't break my wrist was because the new carpet has new underlay and was relatively soft, especially when compared to the corner of the wall.

So my ribs ache, my left shoulder aches, and my right arm aches from wrist to shoulder. All in all it was not a Good Thing To Do.

Update: You never realise how many things you bump into until your whole body aches.

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