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A drive in the country

Admittedly, a 15 minute drive in any direction will but me in the country. However, I still went for one. Tick, an aquatance, needed a lift to Tomingley, where he would be met by a friend who would take him to Parkes. The round trip would be about 130km. I looked at the text book on Object Oriented Modelling I'd been reading, and grabbed the car keys.

The Newell Highway has had bags of work done to widen it but there are still some stretches several kilometres long that are only 1 lane wide. Of course, I was caught behind a stock b-double on one of these stretches. Not a problem, I thought. Drop back 50 metres and wait for 10km until the next overtaking lane appears. Everything went well until we reached the first hill. As the trailer tilted a mass of green, organic-smelling water gushed from the rear. It hit the road, splashed and was picked up by the truck's slip-stream and turned into a fine spray. I hit the brakes but it was no good. My white Camry now had a greeninsh tint.

Oh great.

B-Double tipper trailers.

Road Train

So we reached Tomingley and waited. I washed off as much of the green crap as I could.

Tick handed me something hot wrapped in cellophane which said the contents contained the following: "Wheat flour, margarine, bread crumbs, soy protein, salt, cerial binder, onion, soy flour, hydrolized vegetable protein, sugar, flavour, thickener 1422, gluten, mineral salt 450, herbs and spices, flavour enhancer (621, 627, 631) food acid (270, 330) perservative 223, yeast extract, colour 160a, Dextrose, Matodextrin, vegetible powder, water added, minced meat."

It was one of Mrs Mac's Sausage Rolls, but I suspect the only truth-in-advertising there is the cylindrical shape. But I ate it and it tasted ok. Mrs Mac strikes me as a "Mrs Tweedy" figure from Chicken Run. "No sausage rolls will escape from Mrs Mac's farm!" It's the woman's touch.

I also grabbed a bottle of Red Eye, a drink that advertises itself as a lightly carbonated New Age beverage that contains a revitalizing blend of amino acids and vitamins. It is, in fact, a bottle full of carbonated caffeine. I love it. I care not a jot for the revitalizing blend of amino acids and vitamins, it's the bags of caffeine that does it for me every time.

And so I headed back to Dubbo feeling artificially fed and jumpy.

The trip back was uneventful, except that the car in front ran over an echidna. I stopped to examin her to make sure there were no puggles attached. There weren't. Further up the road I entirely failed to stop for the hit-and-run car pulled up on the side of the road. They had two flat tyres. Which was nice.

There are two reasons why echidnas are also called "spiney ant-eaters."

Back to the text books. And the subject for this afternoon is Java. Triffic.

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